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food/damned if i do damned if i dont/ risk in everything/ multiple selves
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Aug 12, 2021 6:44 AM

there are two selves at odds within me....

1: i love food

2: need to be in shape

both selves have an unhealthy relationship with food - first one both physically and mentally,

other one mentally.

if i eat too mch i will feel like shit about myself, and will stretcch my skin and pull on my f;abs and try to suck in my stomahc, feel insecure . i feel trapped.

but the ther selv is also unhealty because i ave to count calories, each item feels likea a trransaction. i feel trapped by what i eat.

so i am damned if i do damned if i dont.

food/damned if i do damned if i dont/ risk in everything/ multiple selves

same with annual vs yearly. i want to charge $60/year to match $5/month but annuals typically have a discount, but i'd earn less, but would get more annual subscribers, which means lower churn rate etc. so this is cool. to use philosophy as a tool. i am damned if i go one way or another. so with this tool at hand, i can go ahead with the $50 because i lose either way but i pick the lesser of two evils or the lesser of the damnation

same with work mode. if i let my work self take over, i will have to stop in my tracks every minute to write down any new idea. i have to put my foot down and switch off that self.

everything is a risk. and this may be terrifying but it is actually more so liberating. ←-put in frameworks?

and through connecting the existential essay on merging with reality/exist by contrast, ou can therefore reframe it as: there is good no matter what choice one makes. an this is a beautiful operating system of mind. to see the good in all one's decisions, and whatever life throws at one. in fact, this is the better assumptiont o make. that everything, every choice, pathway, is for the good, and for the best kidn of good. or at least to see it that way. it is the most optimized. (ref: being is good, truth is good, what leads to most flourishing is what is most true)