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reading library

reading library

become what you are
alan watts
eastern wisdom, modern life
alan watts
out of your mind
alan watts
the book: on the taboo against knowing who you really are
alan watts
the way of zen
alan watts
the wisdom of insecurity
alan watts
this is it
alan watts
exile and the kingdom
albert camus
brave new world
aldous huxley
the doors of perception
aldous huxley
ex machina: screenplay
alex garland
annaka harris
the complete calvin and hobbes
bill watterson
american pyscho
bret easton ellis
the archetypes and the collective consciousness
carl jung
charles bukowski
christopher hitchens
daniel quinn
shutter island
dennis lehane
crime and punishment
a new earth
eckhart tolle
stillness speaks
eckhart tolle
the power of now
eckhart tolle
flatland: a romance of many dimensions
edwin a. abbott
self reliance
essays in existentialism
jean-paul sartre
7 treasures of awakening
joseph goldstein
effortless mastery
kenny werner
marcus aurelius
our mathematical universe
max tegmark
flow: the psychology of optimal experience
mihaly csikszentmihalyi
nick bostrom
the alchemist
paulo coelho
remember, be here now
ram dass
48 laws of power
robert greene
robert greene
free will
sam harris
sam harris
waking up: a guide to spirituality without religion
sam harris
the practice
seth godin
free play: improvisation in life and art
stephen nachmanovitch
art of war
sun tzu
chaos creativity and consciousness
terence mckenna
fear: essential wisdom for getting through the storm
thich nhat hanh
the heart of buddha's teachings
thich nhat hanh
joker: screenplay
todd phillips