Jul 10, 2021
dark access initial build.
Jul 28, 2021
set up link-trees
Aug 5, 2021
make separate workspace for collaborations
Aug 5, 2021
website redesign: minimal
Aug 16, 2021
existential llc
rename sections - network_1, network_2? rename workspaces from dark music studio —> node_1 or something. like dark thoughts —→ thought nodes, rename all aspects to "node" like natures. dtabase titles etc, change names to nodes_1, nodes_2
URLS should reflect nodes - not file names
upload and populate index page (thought network document -or may become obselete via knowledge graph)
dark music theory nodes, future: maybe rename composition nodes to "intention" nodes, and then have a separate one for specific composition techniques like layering, displacement etc?
production nodes —→ ex: stereo widener (shit sriram was basically asking you) and thus links with tools, like k-2 stereo —> stereo widener which in turn links to —→ philosophy of atmosphere etc. composition frameworks can branch into mixing techniques too? basically everything that pertains to composition. like "what is multi band compression" -self organization of your own techniques. advanced automation
game nodes - living nodes. playing the game. could be the personal diary/entrepreneurial drive and game behaviours
aggregate word count tracker
robust music playing/streaming solution
future - should i include neuraldsp presets or is that too much of a stretch now? maybe even surrealist/axe fx presets. guitsr pro style sheet.
hardware/software/tools used
dark v2.0
DARK app. app-based. have an app; work with serjan. drones that have an undertone of darkness...meditation app?
dark v3.0
dynamic knowledge or network graph: CONNECTING NODES - content gardening - link/reference essays together, frameworks too. interconnect. thought nodes/blocks.sriram: treat essays as blocks of thought, where blocks reference other blocks, a network/framework of thought blocks. like having a essya/block of nihilsim, and anything that references to it or leads to it should be linked to it. building of blocks of thought. we dont have to repeat concepts constantly, because you can just link to blocks. not just about efficiecy, its about minimalism, buidling a framework of thinking, knowledge graph. analous to how computers think. object oriented programming. its like how a dictionary works, but with concepts. (lol have an essay "block" on nihilism that just says "dead end".) "i think in blocks, even though we aren't living in a block universe apparently". like a network of thought notes. work on the thought network. network graph. knowledge graph. SYNC BLOCKS - PUT COMPOSITION FRAMEWORKS IN DARK MUSIC STUDIO ETC
live show blueprints / live nodes / performance nodes
load upon scroll. seamless reading of next and previous material.
hire for SEO optimize and audit, website favicon, social sharing photos ,etc,
run music files through metadata, mp3tags?
set up robust changelog - emptyphenomenarollingon. displays all website changes
set up shop, gumroad shop, subscribers get a discount.or only available for subscribers. can i set up shop with stripe directly? so no gun road needed? see stripe direct payments.
consider 2 channel system. set up discord or or some community aspect. or not. consider subreddit? (or whatever 2 way channel)
$25/month for sound design libraries. have copyright cluase, checkbox during sign up too
weekly backups of notion to google drive
explore notion enhancer
hidden pathways and pages that you can just claw into? like a powerpoint journey. hidden easter eggs - a link inside one of the "haha"s or "i am gods"
put checkboxes in sign up email for people to agree not to share files or use it in their own works without consulting with me. —maybe just for sound design libraries
add terms and conditions and privacy policy
further monetization. find a way to allow people to pay more if they want... or some system in place where people can pay more. maybe can put seperate "support on bandcamp" link on each song page.
add to about page or page of what website is about and mission: the ultimate test is for this website to essentially be able to make a DARK song from thiese framrworks and thoughts and ingredients, form my world, and then to output exactly what. woul self-synthesize. this site is the complete embodiment of my thought and being.". instead of dark arising out of me, am immortalizing. like DEVs TV show, the retrocausal aslpect of the creation. dark beyond me.
maintain scroll position of page upon reload/refresh or navigating back to page.
DARK podcast?
minimalist changelog based on linked databases. create master syned database, then have sep pages for each, and one more for home
eventual immortalization of dark. self referential. self developing. a brain that will grow over time. a network. an AI.
-rename dark access to "perfect dark" ? "trying to build a closed intimate space, a perfect dark".
check out for forms
complete self reliance... risky alliances: — super, notion, and memberspace. acceptable alliances: -stripe
plugins/tools section, including tools/plugins will be cool. call it hardware and software
LIVE workspace section, live show redundancy, performance workspace etc.
more dripfed workspaces- journal (quote library), music library, reading library, concerts, film library
i need some sort of aggregate word would be amazing to say "this week there has been 4009 words added to the workspace."
experiment with calender, timeline, different views etc. for homepage
put the thought network page on the site. as an index. web...
automation for social media publishing - buffer (comments work here too for hashtags), (stories? at least plan stories too).
magic lantern 4k installation for canon mark iii
upload to and initiate youtube, tiktok, facebook propogation
sam harris pledge: 10% of all money goes to charity: SENS
need better paypal integration
remove guitar related content