DARK is an ambient-experimental composer and guitar player who has carved his own territory and innovation in dark ambient music.

Drawing inspiration from numerous strains of human inquiry— architecture, geometry, nature, philosophy, and meditation— DARK’s approach to music reflects the restless and ceaselessly pursuing nature of consciousness.

DARK can be described as the coming together of two opposing worlds—the world of real, organic, and tactile signals of the guitar, and the world of abstract, supple ambient soundscapes.

The merging of these two worlds presents music that can best be described through a cloud of sensations and aesthetics:

ambient. abstract. drone. experimental. existential. minimal. noise. textures. avante-garde. industrial. surreal. lo-fi. spaces. atmospheres. pulses. organic. fluid. electronic. tape. stillness. meditation. anxiety. sleep. dissonant. introspective. progressive.

The music of DARK is less about harmonic content and more about experience. It serves as a lens through which to look at the world—to change one’s relationship with the internal and external.

The guitar has been subject to an ongoing conversation throughout millennia. With its expansive potential, there has been a relentless pursuit to find the next unimaginable sound. Joining this conversation, DARK has broken the traditional approach to the guitar.

DARK’s study of the guitar is distinctly fine-tuned and surgical. Every single detail bears the responsibility of the fragility and subtleness of each composition.

Thus, every musical work by DARK is a carefully handcrafted sonic sculpture that produces something intensely unspeakable and seeps deeply into the cracks of human emotion. Every release is a refinement of the practice.

With sweeping, whirling guitar textures that cascade over blankets of plush, modulating soundscapes, DARK transcends all concepts and conventions, leaving nothing but a pure sphere of sound.

DARK thrives on the unobserved. There is an incessant calling to go places previously thought to have been inaccessible.

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select press --

august 2020—guitar world feature

february 2020—guitar world feature

february 2020—abasi concepts premiere

october 2019—guitar world feature

alma mater --

2015-2018: berklee college of music, boston, MA