forgetting the guitar

forgetting the guitar

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Jun 21, 2021 3:11 AM

it's body, it's neck, it's strings. it is wood. it is aluminum. it is carbon fiber. handmade. raw. industrial. it is not a guitar. to really understand what it is. working with rick toone has cataloged this. to glimpse an instrument that feels so raw, so artisan, and so industrial had made me remember that things start from nothing.

but here lies a paradigm shift. A welcoming of a partial ego death with regards to the guitar.

to forget the guitar. you no longer play guitar. you may play things that reference guitar, but you don't play guitar. this is not a guitar. your resistance to the guitar is your and the common perception of what the guitar is, conceptually. so forget that. forget the guitar. forget what people think the guitar is. erase that from your memory. or let that part of the guitar die-the part that you rest. it is not in your orbit. let this rebirth shine. this new identity. this new emergence. this is not a guitar. this is an entity. a vehicle. a symphonic tool. a mechanism to represent reality. strings. frequencies.

it is a harp. a meta-harp. a beacon. it is the greatest musical tool to exist, because it is synthetic, it is organic, it is vibration, it is light, it is energy, it is a tool for explorers. that is what is has always been about: exploration. seek no end. the sounds produced by this entity are the greatest on the planet.

to found the source code of to distill, to burn off deadwood, to filter out the junk, to declutter, to remove the slime. to utilize this tool gesturly, texturally. as a space. not as a circus trick.

it is the greatest instrument on earth.

the perfect artist tool.

notes on a grid..the most beautiful notes...the most beautiful grid.