hurricane/collapse EP

hurricane/collapse EP

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fractal/cloud_(in downloads folder 12_31) —!!! SEE see: phenomena2intrio!!! search it up. -collapse/departure_m?, and negative!

call it

hurricane_1, or collapse

hurricane_2 - can i make this longer? the r release short and long version?

hurricane_3-im gonna make this so fucking long. and maybe true pauses can have some significance...fibonacci or whatever

something with the clouds are fractal waves? - hurricane_4

longform departure/collapse/hurricane_2


  • hurricane_ (formerly called departure) starts with the negative rising
  • hurricane_2 (formerly clouds are fractal_)
  • hurricane_3 (departure again, (maybe shorter?), with the b6,
  • hurricane 4 (negative collapse)
  • hurricane 5? ambient

OR: have departure_ be a seperate release