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My hands do not exist. My hands only exist in relation to its function in relation to my body. My hands are hands in a context of a human body. - otherwise the idea of hand disentrgates into random skin, flesh, bones. A “hand” has function in a context. Otherwise ir would be a parasite that consumes energy.

as such- this makes me question who i am.

The idea that the motif isn’t just a motif - its also the thing that surrounds the motif, it is that which is also isn’t. So if you move it around, youre changing the motif as well.

  • one idea, the idea is in the within the contet-or lack of context, of silence. Only that silence itself is a context,

One of the things that has been intriguing me is the practice of recontextualizing a repeating idea over time. The practice involves taking any ostinato and shifting around the surrounding elements in order to evoke new perspectives of the same ostinato. What is fascinating is that nothing about the original motif changes-while at the same time everything changes about the motif.

A motif always exists in a context greater than itself. No idea exists in a vacuum. EWhether it’s the length of the song. Even the length of the song communicates certsin information that fragments your interpretation of the motif in the song. Not only that, but album artwork, the device youre using, headphones, your reason for listeninfg t the song, is it in a movie, where you are, are you walking, driving, if its in the car, are you the passenger, who decided to play the song in the car, what environment your in, whether its night or day, the smell youre experiencing – all these elements contexrualize, the motif, and any change in any of these micro-variables, albeit small, affects and recontextualizes the track.

Existentially, you can never have any music or idea exist bby itself-non dualism, emptiness. Mysteriousness, you can't ever fully get the the true essence of anything, every object you see around is an irreducibly mysterious phenomena

Any object, sound, or mood exists in a space that is greater than itself. It is the reframing of certain events that changes the character and perception of the event. Reframing truly does change the nature of a situation, (sam harris gym analogy, how pain is pleasurable in gyn, but same pain is different if its after you woke up, youd be worried. Same way with how you complain in traffic, but imagine having an accident, how much would yu pay to get back to where you were. Have original examples)- link it to stoicism and stoic thinking.

No one entity exists in a vacuum. We experience sounds, moods, emotions only in contrasts to other sounds. If you always felt positive emotion,

This is possibly why the practice of self torture is

interesting--to purposefully allow ones consciousness to experience profounds levels of arduousness and pain, its only because this practice creates a wider context in which want is conventionally seen as pain is now more bearable. tterains the mind to have that be the baseline, siuch that nothing ever bothers them.

What makes a motif sound the way it does? What makes any object exist in the first place?

Thus, objects are dependent on their surrounding environment in order to give them a shape-an identity, a function.

Existentially, in any given context, an object changes its nature jut based on the relation of another object, and how it interacts with the object. You see this manifest all the time, such as with human interaction. When you are with a group setting, how you interact with a specific person is different from if you were interacting with this same person alone.

Obbserve yourself next time you find yourself interacticing with another individual in a group, and then interacting with the same person alone. It cannot, and will not be the same. This is because the group context morphs the identity of each individual.

That is to say, my identity emerges from interactions with my relationships. I may go further and include surrounding inanimate objects as part of this emergence of identity. Thus an object’s identity only manifests in relation to its surrounding objects. And this identity is in constant flux, as there is constant negotiation between an object and surrounding objects. Who I am in the living room is different from who I am in Ikea, simply because of the alterations in my environment. multiple selves.

it's almost as if the external and internal landscape of mind were not separate, but communicating. that the rising and falling of the sun was also the rising and falling of some fabric of myself.

This is ontologically fascinating. It seems paradoxical how an entity changes just based on the fact that its surrouidng environemtn has shifted.into something else. This means there is no independent existence.

This goes into the idea of non-dualism. How black could not eist without white, or how stars would not exist were it not for the darkness that surrounds them.

Shutter island commenrary: entertaining the possibility that you may not be here, talk about shutter island but also in general.

Regarding music composition:

Its funny how you think you’ve finished a song, and then you discover a new sound, which you then inject into the middle of the track, which then causes you to chane the entire track henceforth, like a parallel universe. Its sort of like time travel almost.

The idea of layeringmusic – the idea of vertical way of composition.

As I eat this airline food- I realize that I’m not just eating the food itself (the materials), I’m ALSO consuming the environment.

That’s probably why I love airline fold, because of the context in which I eat them in....in a closed space, above the air, no alternative, scarce.

me opening up one box of food is a whole different experience than me opening two boxes of half the foods. there is something about the experience and thought process behind the actions of both the producer and consumer of the food that changes the lens, and therefore the taste of the food itself.

As I eat this airline food- I realize that I’m not just eating the food itself (the materials), I’m ALSO consuming the environment.

That’s probably why I love airline fold, because of the context in which I eat them in....in a closed space, above the air, no alternative, scarce.

that's why food taste better when it's free, or when you are depleted and come across food is the desert. the context and prior conditions are changing the experience and percerion of the food, and thus the food itself.

fast food and restaurants capitalize on this. with restaurants creating a fine decor and ambiance: yellow walls symbolize relaxation as you eat. you are consuming the airconditioning along with the food.

you are, in a meta-sense, consuming the smoke on the grill as you eat the barbecue burger.

nothing nateriallaly about the food changes, yet everything about the food changes.

There is an ebb and flow between objects and their surroundings. In some sense, reality is like an elaborately choreographed dance, a finely-tuned happenstance.

Whenever i move to another room, not only does the room change forme, but i change for the room. The pe;rson i amin the bathroom is diff from in the living room.. Whe i moveto a room with people i change.