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an ongoing dread of annihilation
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May 15, 2022 8:07 PM

even though everything is going so well, there is a lingering dread in the back and also in the forefront of my mind of all of this coming down. annihalation.

i can be happy, but i cannot and should not be identified with it.

i must act accordingly. on my guard

because everything is perfect...things are set in place perfect...everything is heading to perfect.

therefore i am suspicious

i have trust issues

i am sorry universe.

it is a nice problem to have. to have such a precious idea. and to be afraid of dying and not have that idea come to realization.

it shows that you are resonating with a deeply beautific vision.

it feels like the lottery. actually. it's almost, if not the same, energy field

30 seconds to mars lyrics:

under the burning sun

i take a look around

imagine if this all came down

i'm waiting for the day to come.