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sad alron
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May 15, 2022 8:07 PM

The real cool person is the one who has experienced what it’s like to be not cool, to feel inferior, let down, embarrassed, unworthy, but then to transform. Because now he is aware of both sides, and he’s able to go back and forth between both sides with his awareness. I’m imagining that sad alron song and that figure that’s transcersing through both sides of happy and sad, and being unperturbed by it.

I remember seeing a photo of a beautiful girl- a transformation between how she used to look when younger- not your typical attractive girl- to someone who is not only beautiful, but radiates humbleness and down to earthness- like I saw the same beautiful smiling girl, who now happens to have good looks.

its like that buddhist allegroy - he sees a mountain, then goes through the ardous process f enlightenement, with all its harrowing nature, and confuson, chaos, dread, not seeing the mountain, existential insanity, only to come back and see mountain again - this time as an enlightened man. — also link this to that mark pritchard sad alron creature that has a subtle smile on his face as he flies across and between the grids of harrow and beauty. - ref to there can be no beauty without terror.

crossing self and no self

crossing sickness and health

crossing success and failure

crossing association and dissassociation

to experience the full gamut, spectrum, and iridescence of experience.

sad alron knows what it is. beyond and above all this.