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the collapse of the phantom collective
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May 15, 2022 8:07 PM

that's what it is isn't it, and that's what's it's always been about.

the old world of me vs. them, or me vs. the world, of me vs. the collective is FALSE

all is simply individual, group of individuals

that's the hedge i took with my trademark, and is the path im taking now with this subscription platform. like the opinion of 5000 people is literally deflated to the opinion of 1. looking at each individual as solipstic crewtures.

THEREIN LIES the revelation that it is thus MY word over the OTHER INDIVIDUALS word, my world against theirs, my mind against there's.

as such you can multiply this condition x 5000 and it will always come back to that fact.

and if you want to put my mind against another's, bring it on.