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why get anxious? counter intuitive thought
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May 15, 2022 8:07 PM

for to panic means the thing that's making you panicked can't ever display its full horror to you. can't ever demonstrate how horrifying it actually is if you suddenly just panic and shake and move around in panic.

like the monster that's trying to scare you also wants to show off how scary it actually is—but wouldn't be able to if you're mindlessly panicking at the smallest offset of it.

this is so interesting

imagine if the workd suddenly collapsed or turned up into something else completely. you wouldn't be able to comprehend the majesty of its terror without having a calm rational mind. wow. for even it warrants a sense of witnessing. it asks for your full intellect to comprehend the gravity of its terror. the nature of its horrifying nature.

to panic at the slightest offset of reality would actually be to cheapen and make tacky the fear and confusion and harrowing idea.

it asks for your rational mind.

and thus the full extent and spectrum and existence and of fear and barrow and dread require blissful witnessing and calm comprehension. and understanding.

so literaly from all angles, it makes no sense to be anxious.

the only time anxiety does make sense is in pure evolutionary terms of trying to get away from danger, like a tiger.