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relationship to objects/surroundings, to build reality now towards endgame
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

it's better to buy the endgame item that will last you for the rest of your life. something that you can truly connect and identify and age with. to grow with. your relationship with said object will be sacred.

to buy one thing. the ONE thing that will be your primarily tool.

like me with abyss headphones, and the rick toone. this is IT.

and perhaps a seperate essay on building your reality to endgame NOW, or at least with that intention or software program or framework in mind.

like my website. this is IT. i'm telling you, this is IT.

your relationship with the objects around you, and the work that you do changes. and it feels so beautiful. like a love for the creation around you. your surroundings. to treat these as entities to love.

and to extend further-

all objects and surroundings are artifacts of your mind. so to clean your room, to buy the items that you truly cherish forever, is to cleanse and uncover and distill and purify and fortify and empower and sacred-ize your mind.

it's better to have bought a $5000 pair of headphones, or that $15000 guitar, than to settle for less. you not only counter-intuitively save more money in the long run, you also produce a better product or creation with these endgame tools, thus yielding a more successful career/path. and more importantly-the quality of your consciousness each moment is simply better. than to buy a cheap tool that cheapens your creation, but also your conscious experience.

there's the japanese term for that, or japanese practice of perceiving or treating ones surroundings as sacred or of actual relationship.

i think i wrote about this in another essay.

thus ones spending habits should be to save, to live under ones means, to be frugal...until and so that you have access to and can buy the highest quality tool of your need. that is actually what makes you a rich man.

to be rich isn't necessarily to have money in the bank, it is to simply have the best conscious experience one can have, and one can create.