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people are walking philosophies
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

walking stick enigma- people are walking philosophies - you wrote about this somewhere (evernote?) - michael thompsons dad - he just exuded so much niceness. so much positivity, it was almost as if he were purposefully radiating out this energy for other people - not just for them to feel that way, but for them to also EMBODY that notion. to become a walking philosophy of that.

  • and also/thus people are spiritual practices for you - someone is mre good looking than you? Good, thats a spiritual practice of your self perception.sonebdy is more succesfful than you? Good, thats a spiritual practice of your self worth and what worth is.someone is annopying you? Good, Good, thats a spiritual practice of your self patience. Etc
  • and thhus, you can see people like chharacters in yuur story - in some sense people dont exist. People are mirrors of you and your reality, and each mirror is designed to shine light on yourswelf. I think wayne dyer wrote this somewhere - people dont exist, characters do. In some sense its like the walking zombie theory- solipsism - and reality is a spiritual expewriene of one self.

“””1 - the process of thinking & th econcepts you come up with in answering the questions are valuable”


tying this with what i'm doing with my website and how one of my criteria was "is this what artists ought to do?". basically im doing what i believe is what i ought to do as an artist to showcase my mind, but also what artists ought to do. that is to say, an action is not just an action, an action is also the affirmation of that action, of the action's existence. aurora dancing on the road listening to music isn't just communicating her radiance; it is also affirming that that is what people ought to do and feel.

somebody who puts on makeup/facial care is:

1) someone who cares about their facial appearance

2) is someone who would care about their facial appearance - archetype

3) is communicating that people ought to care about their facial appearance.

this applies with THINGS to.

as such, how one lives in the world is how one truly thinks and believes. to say one thing, and to do another - the doing is louder than the saying.