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there are no events
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May 15, 2022 8:07 PM

there are no events

  • we see time and events as seperate things that happen.

What really is an “event”? What really does the universe register as an event? Like when something happens/ it’s only because it has passed a certain threshold of a measured criteria? Like a ball going through a hoop- but in reality- and this is beyond the sports game- I don’t just mean to take away the game perception and rules- I mean in reality reality/ hyper reality- even if the ball goes through the hoop - when is the actual event? The moment the ball passes halfway through the hoop? Is an event one thing or a continuum of sorts as it reaches the halfway point? Like a sine graph. And when does the event begin and when does it end? Where is this event?

it’s just empty phenols rolling on...

This is without context btw- there are of course boundaries and contexts set by us, so within the context - like Ricky Gervais golden globes event.

But if we were to analyze that in a hyper real sense- there really is no event. No special thing you could point to. No center. But even this doesn’t get the point across..like what is about event? Where is it registered in the Universe? And what is that is registered?