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transience. inevitability
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May 15, 2022 8:07 PM

"Self-responsibility cuts through the mirage of feeing pity for oneself and someone. Rather, it places power in oneself and others–to make one look at others as gods, creators and destroyers of their own lives. There's a feeling of empowerment, rather than tolerance and sadness towards someone. So when I meet the beggar in the road sorrow does not suffuse my consciousness. Rather, I see it as their own doing–-<this is dumb, a beggar is NOT worse off than you. not more of a victim than you. to see it like that is to ruin the original point in the first place. we are all victims and gods of our circumstance>.seemingly callous, albeit liberating for both sides. As to feel sorry for somebody is a heavy burden to place on oneself, and is also an insult to the image of god within the alleged beggar. For we are the victims of our own destructive hand. We create, thhrough nebula of thought, our own demise. A schizophrenic divide between torturer and tortured. we have the power within themself to move their lives like mountains, to explore the depths of our own being.

self responsibility is the most powerful variable for ones own prosperity; and thus the most important variable, counterintuitively, in the flourishing of society's