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tim maxwell - maxwellinked

as i walk across a busy traffic intersection, the cars that pass around me appear and disappear out of existence.

from a purely experiential perspective, when things get farther away, are they getting smaller? like cars in the road, do they go farther away or get smaller?

Or are they both the exact same thing? is there a difference from a purely subjective point of viewV

implications of this..terryfing realization that things may just be fading in and out. reference illusion of motion.

same with volume- are sounds getting farther away or do things get quieter? i guess reverb /impulse response may be a clue- but this can be faked.

in the same way panning in audio is sonic trickery. things aren't actually going from left to right when you pan, the audios are getting softer and louder from one ear to the other.

the universe may not be 3d, but a 2d cartisian plane.