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Novelty and going forward
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Nov 26, 2021 9:05 PM

pragmatic truth vs factual truth

Pragmatic truth orbits around factual truth? Or factual truth orbit around pragmatic truths? Or..do they orbit around each other...like two black holes spiraling against each other...such that they both are moving forward by their own interpersonal orbits?

Like take ownership:

Factual: Nobody truly ever “owns anything”, science, observations, experiments, land, borders. We are one consciousness. No things, no events.

Pragmatic: we need borders, we require attribution, we require parse time and events and things, we need differentiation.

Does one truth usurp the other? Does one nest the other? Or do they both orbit around each other, creating a deeper shared force- a trajectory moving forward?

different essay?: (self fulfilling prophecy)

If a belief or a knowing of a fact changes a behavior or an outcome- then does that not mean something? Have implications? Does it create a self fulfilling prophecy?

Such as the belief (or lack thereof) in free will. The fact that experiments show that this belief changes the behavior of someone, there’s something to be said about that.

reference devs and self fulfilling prophecy, seeing yourself 1 second into the future.