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read immanual kants the sublime

it seems like beauty and terror are both found in these sorts of explorations

with occam's razor and conservation of energy- you can come to the terrible

conclusion that is indeed what reality probably is

i.e- what is the most efficient and energy-efficient way to render the universe as it is today

just like we had discussed before- how it's easier to assume that solipsism (only you exist) vs everything and everyone else also existing

convo with sriram- it's a digression but an interesting one- would god itself be 1) amazed that it is god (self loving and self-awe), 2) indifferent that it is god., 3) terrified that it is god

Another ontological suggestion for the illusion of motion would be occam’s razor. I.e- what is the simplest, most efficient means by which a universe is created? Our current explorations of virtual reality allow us to explore entire worlds using headsets and treadmills--to render the illusion of walking across such a world. A brain in a vat certainly is more efficient than a real universe with vast quantities of space.