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Referencing the circle by James nares, 1990 (man who draws circle on the wall-modern art).

What is impressive is how he got to the result. The value in the final product is the deeper underlying reality. Not the thing of itself/

different yet related:

Two molecular identical paintings-

Mona Lisa

Replica of Mona Lisa

Materially the same

But isn’t the same

The past is different, and the intention, and everything else

Even if all memories were wiped out - mixed up

Would still be different

Something not material

a certain energy is embedded into the art.

when people say - you could have used a delay pedal for one of my displacement guitar motif videos-

even though the sonic output may sound the same- it actually is different. there is something immaterial that is embedded within the music/ and that is intentionality and vision. the process

the fact that the vision and concept and process is what rendered the art itself is something to be aware of and may not be divorced from the creation. - reference the things are trajectory essay. on the surface things are just what they are. but you need to see things over time.

referring my poly temporal video of 169 vs 180bpm- you could say mathematicically it's the same as a polyrhythms of 9/8 or whatever-

but the notion and exploration of the polytempo concept is what rendered the result- and as such, the visionary aspect and intention have very much to do with the art itself-

reference that art of the circle done by that guy.

and reference the black square painting contrast essay - like how painting the negative space around something may render the same result, but the i thin may be different- and thus wow...things may indeed exist independently but in a thwarted way!!! man this is such an existential journey of the mind..absolutely love logic usurping logic, logic supersedeing logic.

embedded in objects are not just the material make up of the object/ but a story- a past- an accumulation of ideas and inspiration that led to that object. thus reality, for the most part, is in fact not material. the immediate material reality we experience is a small part of the deeper realities hidden in objects. and i am not referring to the millions of particles within each object that we don't see- reference to low resolution essay-i am referring to the story and causality by which the object was made? i think causality is a whole other thing- but maybe can tak about how the hammer that was used to make the iphone, is thus part of the iphone itself and part of the story- and how causally- the hammer was part of the causal chain, and is thus embedded in the phone too- this also means that everything that i use the phone for- even this essay, is within ally ose things. so within this essay is a substrate of my iphone. so this means everything is linked with everything else- and if we are in a causally looped universe (ending is beginning, and things loop back around naturally) then embedded in this iphone is the entire universe. the entire past (and thus future?- since causality is looped?? seperate essay here???) is inside the iphone itself. but maybe “inside”’is the wrong word, “embedded into its existence “ may be better. in some sense, i could then say that the entire history/past. the entire causal chain up to this point led to the iphone. to digress...the entire causal chain and history (and thus future…?) of the universe led to this exact present moment. (the past is my future mwahaha) and so thus i am not insignificant. - talk about butterfly effect in new essay referencing this?

the air conditioner…fuck. there is something inside that air conditioner..it came from somewhere..it leads to somewhere. when i meditate on the air con, i can feel that there is a pathway.

our reality is code in some sense. we experience the render, but not the source code.

when an alien picks up an iphone- he will not just learn about the iphone- he will learn about our human’s design process, the way we interact, how our senses perceive things etc, how we handle things etc. and embedded in the phone is info on mathematics like symmetry etc. design philosophy and other philosophies.