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going fully deep into something
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May 15, 2022 8:09 PM
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Nov 26, 2021 9:05 PM

The problem with spirituality and the whole domain of spiritual inquiry.

When i first listened to alan watts and eckhart tolle, i felt a though i was being gaslit. When i dropped acid, i felt like my life was ruined because i constantly qustioned my reality. There doesnt seem tobe an akcnoloedgement that with meditation and spirituality comes gaslighting. Saying everything is an illsuion...veil of maya, etc.

But perhaps one should be gaslit, cause it fortifies ones confidence in one self as he/she is forced to question onselef and face the uncomfortable.

I felt like everything was foreign to me, that i was being taken away from home, not brought closer to it. A perpetual existential crisis. A fear of annihilation. A fear of fading away. A fear that nothing is real.