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everything is a universe
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Nov 26, 2021 9:05 PM

Yeah - i also think its cool to look at it like --> There are universes wherever you look

That can be extrapolated into concepts too

there is a universe of existence in physics, in music, for those who love to collect antique bicycle parts, for those who love to sew

I think there is a very important similarity between the two^ which is that the universe will keep giving if you want to search in any direction (conceptually)

So nothing is small/big --> Big is only the the aspects you have explored - link to essay on size?

contexts are what create a universe? - link to essay on context?

if an alien visited earth it was observing earth from afar- he would see humans as all the same, the same way we see ants all the same.

on the flip side, the less different you are, and the closer you become the “same” or similar as others- is when you notice the diversity in things.

like to some, all meshuggah music sounds the same. but to me there's an entire universe of diversity and permutations in it

it's almost as if...zooming out: you see the totality of the universe. but zooming in...you see the totality of a universe too…- link to

zooming out makes everything the same (one universe)

also this is a bit of a digression..but even a hair difference is a significant difference, for each piece of hair has millions of par to does in it. who is anyone to say a piece of hair is small and jupiter is big? for each entity is an entire universe with its own system of existence, a harmony of different entities working to produce an existence of an entity. is there truly a big or a small?

when i meditate on the air con, as i zoom in i start to pick up on the harmonics that's make up the air con.

  • reference zooming meditation essay

to meditate on the universe is not to meditate on the totality of the cosmos- it is to find the universe in the thing. it's not the thing in the universe, it's a universe in the thing.

your convo with plini “i'm not kidding when i say that there's an entire universe in the aircon”

  • relates to meaning? and thus there is meaning and mystery in everything. i have always found the drones and hums of air conditioners/hvac’s deeply existential...for that air came from somewhere..leads to somewhere..a pathway...into a source.

kent vale was a universe

when i was in kentvale..the tiny little drain areas were like pathways...we were explorers of kentvale. finding all the secret and hidden pathways and the underbelly of it. it was fantastic.