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reality is a function of the imagination
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Imagination is not a function of reality. Reality is a function of the imagination. It is important to define the terms 'imagination' and reality' first before continuing, because as this thought process progresses, the definitions switch. They switch in that imagination becomes the new reality, and reality becomes the imagination — in the sense it is more fleeting, dream-like, less solid, less foundational, less consolidating, and a catalyst and subset of what I argue is the real reality— imagination itself. Where the imagination is actually more permanent, more real, more primordial, more vast and expansive, more deep, much more deep, infinite depth, much more interesting, much more enticing. and where as ill describe, reality is seen as a tool instead of the end result.

(and actually it is what we are chasing arent we. technology getting more advanced because we seek the ideal. so this would be an example of the imagination being a function of reality? but this still shows how imagination supercedes reallity since imagination is more advanced and of the future, but already exists now.)

When I mean reality, I mean all of this. all of what I see, hear, witness, feel, touch, think, speak, shake hands with. all these things. Not just my sensory inputs, but the totality of my existence inside and out. my entire life and its arch, my relationships, my friendships, my a, impulses. all of these things are reality. what we call life. nature.

and when i mean imagination, i mean that which we cannot see or sense, but that which we can foresee, that which we think, thats which we dream about, that which we can visualize, that which lies our fears and hopes.

reality allows us a human body in order to create art and craft music. thus serving the imagination.

imagination is that which we think. the ideal. the sublime. the terrors. ambitions, goals, desires, fantasties, thoughts, my ideal self, my self pr jection?\

this infinite turns realoty into a finite vessel.

and or the catalyst for imagination.

this actually ties in and merges well with the transendance of simulations. because all the meaning, love, intention, (IMAGINATION) exists and is the same across all levels of simulation and "base reality the fact that the imagination is the same across all these levels points to and indicates that it is what is most real. that the imagination is the base reality.

this is in stark contrast ot reality. where thingsu always break down, things are not permanent, there are constantly changong - and that is what the imaginationf eeds off of, that is how imagination grows, and permanently so.

and this makes me think that after we die, after i die, i get to experience this imagination as a concretized form of reality. and as such this reality right now may be a direct manifestation of a previous imagination i had, as a conglomerate, a reincarnation of a past life that fosters new imaginations and thoughts that led to this life, and my next life will be as such. or that after i die i am swimming in an imaginationland where i get to experience all of my fanasties for millenia (i believe alan watrs reffered to this as kalpa). and i am not sure how this would actualize. if i can experience my fantasies in isolated incidents, or as a string of events that we call reality right now.

spo really it is imagination fostering new imaginations, with this reality being a sort of primer. a vacuum, a vessel, some sort of primer that generates new code. you need limitations for existence. you need illusions to produce realities.

ref tht quote: magination: there will always be a part of us that will exist in there forverr.

things seem to exist better in memory and imagination than reality, memory, reality is a function of the imagination

i may have a romantic view of the experiences i have had in the past.

or did i? i think memory may actually REVEAL the romantic experiences of the past, than to color it so.

the feeling of kent vale i have etc.

like it is only in hindsight or in retrocausal looking back do i get more appreciative of how things were, and the signature of experienc ei had, and how each memory i have and the day and time and palce eem to have some sort of quality to them, an ethereal quality. and it feels amazing, even the "bad" experiences i have had or the unpleasant ones (feeling alone at berklee etc) were nested in this intimacy this space.

as such, the future can affect the past in that the future self of who i am, the lens of my world, shifts my perception of the past, or of what the past entailed, and what it meant, and its contet in time.

he memroy of the scene in godfather 3 of michael confessing to the church director on killing his brother

and so it seems like things exist better in memory or in the internammind than the eternal, because it seems to perculaote or grow or blossom or sort of bubble or brew within the vat of the mind, into something poetic and of meaning. not to say it isnt real, i think it is MORE real. a snapshot of a photograph reveals timeless primordial natures of the thing tht was photographed. and thats what this feels like.

as such, what if reality was nothong more than a primer for the mind? for the mind to carry out its imaginative fucntiuon? thatr "reality" may be mundane (the eternal world we live in) but the mind turms it sublime? so reality is a function of the imagination. (not the other way around!)

as such the script is flipped. reality is turned on it's head. reality is the imagination and imagination is the real reality. the infinite. where the real was is. art may be simply the transmutation of this, a glimpse of this imagination manifested in finite form on earth, in this reality. but reality may just be a primer, a catalyst. a constraint on the system to produce new material in the imagination (ref: exist by limitation).

reality is a function then. imagination is the supercede. —> super seed. all expression, dance, thought, music is a pointer to that. all hand gestures.

when i move my hands to make communicative gestures —they point to something deeper, they communicate within you something that this reality doesn't show you. if i gesture you to come closer—it triggers something within you. infinite things.

senses as a function of reality (imagination).

when i mean reality i mean all of this. all of what we see, hear, witness, feel, touch, think, speak, shake hands with. all these things. as i type this i see the function of sentences - that there are underlying functions of sentences (and musical/compositional references tools) that appear, and manifest themselves accordingly and differently to the contenxt in which they are housed in. like i could easily replace "shake hands with" with another example, but they both refer to the same substrate of point. and same with composition, in the sense of 1) generative music - where you take snippets of a sonic algorhtitm/process out of a generative loop and use that, 2) using 1 permutation out several options 3) structures - the identity structueof "verse" vs "chorus", how each has underlying primordial mechanics behind it 4) i can use the same function of something in different musical styles, like meshuggah or CUTS - bunsen burner using that chord progrssion in a new context - which revealed that there was that underlying subsctrate. thats probably why i am so attracted to that music - and why we all are, because new music that redefines these primordial structures is so cool - thats what animals as leaders did for me. (also ref: essay/framework on how sometimes things are played as reference for the thing itself, and not for the actual thing. - like those blues phrases...so existential). and i find myself having to stop at my tracks to write these new thought bubbles. i think its important to write everything down. document. no stones unturned. to

as such this twists the whole idea of god in its head. whether or not god is real becomes immaterial (pun...?), as if god exists in the imagination, then it already exists in a hyper real sense. but some imaginations dont beleive in god, some do.

as such reality may simply be the shared dream space. imagination trying to come to a consensus. (another example of reality being a function rather than base reality). and since we are one consciounsess (ref), we are simply different fragments of the same imagination trying to reason and negotiate withi itself. a self governing self maintaining and self cleansing thing - using this reality as a tool for itself...imagination using reality to build constaints on itself, on its system, to self improve and self generate new imaginations. reality as a tool...and it is only when we treat reality as reality do we take it too seriously etc. but actually there is a nobility and essence and necessity of living sincerely. it is not safe to "treat this" as a "simulation" since that would erode reality and the intent and reason for reality in the first place. it would erode reality as a tool. but imagination needs sincerity. art requires sincerity. authenticity. so it isnt that reality isnt real. it is. it is simply under the nest of a hyper real greater reality of the imagination. reality as a tool...its interesting how this connects with the user interface theory of reality. how our DNA and propgation of DNA via evolution requires a consciousness or user interface for maximal flourshing and propgation. as if consciousness were simply a tool for the deeper reality of code advancement. but this code advancement could also be a function fo a deeper reality to expand imagination. as such consciousness is not a byrproduct or tool, it is the highest thing. higheer than the code. so it is like a cycle, a self referential thing. but perhaps they orbit each other...but things that orbit around each other indiciarte an even deeper reality which they both nest in....? again, reality as a tool...so conscious experience is a tool for dna proppgation and also for imagination...

reality as a pain mechanism too, for growth.

see voice memos

life feels like a function. a vessel. i feel like its some sort of underworld. a dream. a user interface.

this is perhaps why this reality, or ordinary consciousness, is conventionally boring, or dull, laced with apathy, disappointment, mundanity, lethargy, dullness, lain, suffering. it makes sense. if these catalyze the imagination to produce something greater than what the immediate senses experience, then it indicates that this reality is but a function, a conduit of the imagination.

could be how and why art exists or why we feel compelled to do art?

reality is, in some sense, a "hard" primer. there is a "hardness" to reality. (ref essay on hardness of reality). and this hardness serves as a contrast to the free floating, rolling imaginations of dreamscapes.


reality serves as like a base reality. base layer foundation. where we then spawn ideas from. where we can build myriads of worlds in our minds from. thus reality is a primer for expansion. expansion of consciousness.

we suffer more from imagination than from reality. - seneca. we also gain pleasure more from imagination than from reality.

the anticipation of something is often greater than the thing itself. we don't love someone, but the idea of someone (ref essay on how a different version of you exists in the mind of everyone else)

how much of our lives are spent lost in thought? how many cathedrals have been imagined, envisioned, dreamed of, vs. real reality? the point is that the imagination is a lot more rich, lush, enriching, vast, open, adventurous, exploratory, and deep than our normative wakeful consciousness, and the contents of wakeful consciousness. the imagination isn't governed by the “hardness of reality” (ref). rather, the hardness of reality serves as a primer in which the imagination can run off of, build off of, as a catalyst, a source of inspiration, as a limitation or a seed of an idea. that reality is the seed of an idea for the imagination, not the other way around.

only in my dreams...(this is its own entry, ref this)