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context of pain
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

Existential context of pain- Gandalf hitting his head in bilbo bagging house

Why did it seem like Gandalf really minded and felt pain when he hit his head on bilbo baggins’s house roof? Probably because of context- because he was in a place he considered safe and homely with no obvious source of danger, and thus the hit wasn’t unexpected and through him off guard.

It’s interesting because Gandalf probably endured more dangerous hits from enemies in both the past and future, but seemed less perturbed by them.

Context itself truly is something to explore...

like a person in war- his experience of pain is way different. they have more resilience, their mind is locked in, there is a certain mode of being there....and the same soldier who is at home who stubs his toe may feel more pain simply by virtue of being nested at home, a place meant for safety and loe. his mind is not on guard. his metal pain threshold less.

as such it is unfair to compare me to that of, say, aragorn from lord of the rings.

and this connects with the idea of suffering, how it is wrong to say i suffer less than someone in a 3rd world country.