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annihalation_ creativity is destruction
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remember your convo with raymond? (my brother's spiritual friend)

the construction of reality is the destruction of it too. to live life and make choices is to destroy all the other potential choices you could have made. i am become death the destroyer of worlds- means to destroy all the universes that could have been with every action to create. -

but only jokingly so- he had his fingers crossed behind him.- because all other futures still exist upon the recycling of the universe.

creativity is to destroy. we see a blank canvas as nothing, in which we then add onto. but a blank canvas is also everything. infinite possibilities and potential and avenues. and so to touch the paintbrush in the canvas is to destroy those possibilities. to collapse it into fewer and fewer things. this is the same with the universe and the universe of infinite possibilities. to live life and build a continue subjective experience and to make choices in our lives is to destroy and collapse tye infinite possibilities of nature. if i marry one girl, it collapses down all the other universes of the girl s i didn't marry. the life's we could have had together. but it is only jokingly so? because the universe resets? idk about this. this all related to the exist by contrast, free will, etc.

so out of the sea of infinite possibilities- it can also be perceived as nothing. so in creativity- am i really making a song? or am i rather carving out a song from infinite. the same way a ceramic potter carved a shape out of a block of clay. out of the block of infinite possibilities i may be carving out a song. so to add something is to destroy something.

so to exist is to destroy potential. a sort of anti-natalist argument? - as an anti natalist i could argue that it's thus better to never have been- to preserve the sacred infinite potential. but then what is the point of this potential if not to realize it? potential by definition seeks to be destroyed in some sense/ to be destroyed from its potentiality nature ito a realized reality. to “destroy” or annihalate does not mean to erase from existence, it means to transform.

and potentialities may be in competition with one another- to realize one potential is to never realize the other. or on the flip side, to destroy one is to not destroy the other.

thus consciousness is destruction of some sorts. to observe something is to collapse infinity into one potential.

or in some sense/ paradoxically- creation IS destruction. for existence is to experience reality- and to experience reality comes with destruction. so in order to construct reality we must destruct it to. destruction IS construction and vice versa. not only are these not mutually exclusive- but they are actually THE SAME THINF. language is clumsy in that it does does not have words that encapsulate this. annihalation may be the right word- perhaps ubiquitously misunderstood.

Either i am adding upon to a slate of nothingness, or im taking apart things from infinity.

thus to annihalate the universe is not to erase existence into an abstract nothingness- it is to change it, transform it, breathe new lifeforms into it.

everything is annihalation at every moment. the person who i was 5 years ago, five hours ago, 5 minutes ago, and even five seconds ago, has been annihalated. i am being reborn each second. thus as gods in earth we thrive on annihalation. we seek it. all actions are actions of annihalation.

reincarnating every second. you born and die every second into a different “you” and the buddhist idea of escaping this cycle is not just about lifetimes, but about each second.

so if i were an anti natalist...i would say (self-see what i wrote above), or if i were buddhist, i could claim that one must escape this trap of annihalation via inaction and enlightenment.

infinite pathways. the ability to take any path, but the inability to take every path. choose one. creativity is destruction. permutations.