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Jun 11, 2021 5:19 PM

it takes a certain disassociation to

the idea of not talking to your fans, etc. to have a distance,

and i have extended this further - unfollowing everyone on insta, etc. i disassociate from almost everyone

to remain distilled and pure, and to have no outsiders infiltrate ones consciousness or taint ones work. talking to rick toone about this too.

dont want to compare myself. play my own game

to hone in and cultivate that feeling of isolation and closed intimate space within my mind. just tying this outl..that is exactly it. to achieve a purity in my hedsdpace. no noise.

i fucking hate this whole social media paradigm of "you want to build relationships bro and reply to every comment on insta!".

i dont like fake interaction. to interact with fans for the sake of getting them to feel more personal with me. i respect them too much to be fake. i want to be real. and being real is not synoymous with being nice, being nice actually is linked with lack of respct and ulterior motif.

and imagine if i had that with cliff martinez. i d not want that.

i want distance between the work and the human interaction. these are two different domains or realms of being.

this is what apple does with disabling comments, as rick toone doe.s i may do the same.

the art speaks for itself. it does not require comments or anything. its nice, but when that becomes ones fuel or driver r metric for success, the plot is lost.

there is that eleent of mystery that gets cultivated, which is cool. a certain messiah or god complex. one does not speak t god. i am not aying this in a braggadocious way but rather existentially.


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