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seeing past the mirage/illusion of a mix
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

after a certain pooint, with all my experience and skill cultivated, and espec with abyss headphons, one can start to see past the veil of a mix—from something that is like a revelation, of one final sound world of energy, into just a concotion of tracks/multitracks pasted together. i can hear it if i listen closely and if i have the intent to "hear things for what they are".

to see past the glue

but this reltes to the philosophy of illusion

how if the intent was to build a world, that is what it is, an that the intent to produce the "alleged illsuion" usurps the reality of the material reality of hearing it for the concotions of seperate tracks it is. see the text in

like to "hear things for what they are" is a superficial perception. because the intent points to something deeper.

and i can go even further and divorce the artist for his or her creation. so whatever the intention the artist had becomes moot compared to the intrinsic intention of the art itself. that the art can exist by itself - make an essay on this?

i suppose this is what good mastering is for. the trained master engineer would glue all the elements as much as possible. printed. pressed. sandwiched. consolidared. unified.