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exposition vs recapitulation: meshuggah clockworks
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM
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Jun 7, 2021 12:44 AM

why does the intro portion of clockworks sound so different than the recapitulation of it? like not only diff function,

but the fact that you don't really pick up or assimilate the root notes of it, the exposition feels like cloud textures with no base (and bass) note. the bass feels like weight and part of texture, but then when it recaps, do you pick up on the root bass base motion and harmony.

and then i've encountered listening moments when the memory of that recapitulation comes back and gets applied to the exposition, and that is SO FUCKING COOL. like it somehow uncovers and brings out the root note awareness. and i wonder if this was intentional or if the band was aware of it.

the recapitulation exposed "more" (or another aspect) of the exposition itself....meta exposition that is based on time and memory than straight through composition....