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limitations and restrictions, rules cause emergence. limitations breed creativity. chess. it's only because we are restricted limited biped beings do things like soccer even exist. constraints on the system

  • mma fighting
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  • how its limtation that gives rise rto creativity (and just about anything)
  • talk about chess
  • talk about free will
  • talk about music

What is context/limitation? Does context exist as a material? Is it a thinbg hyou can point to? Perhaps not (reference the three modes of how something exists- ideally, etc). But the same way numbbers “exist” in an abstract sense, so does the concept of contxt.

Now take the flip side, can anything exist without a context? If i plant youy in a sea of infinite, with no boundaries, where really are you? Does that question’s logic and sense even withstand in this condirtion, or does it break down?

Thus, context itsef is a fundamental building block of everything, it serves as soert of a lens in which to see situations, things sounds, people, and even the world.

Linking this to free will, you dont want to have perfect agency, because a being that is pefectly free is trapped, as he has nothing to do, nowhere to go and such. So theres a apradox. A god that is everywhere, all the time ,omnipotent is caged bby his lak of any limitation that would give him motive to do anything. And such, having a context that creates boundary conditions. The only reason why you walk stand, tal,k, is bbecause of

Taking a vast canvas of silence - an infinite amount, and you now plant a motif into it - the motif itself is not only a creation, its also a restriction. That is to say, any existing object is itself a restriction from infinite. In some sense creativity may not be creation but rather destruction then, as you are destroying any possibiloity of what that motif COULD have been. opportunity cost.

I suppose this is the nature of being as well. Reference that quyote from he bagavagita - “i am become death the destyer of worlds”. Creation itself is destruction in one sense.

Thats why those who push back against musictheory are misunderstood.


in some sense, infinity is not my friend- as it nullifies everything about reality. what's your IQ? 190-” that's nothing compared to infinity “ how big is the sun? “nothing compared to infinite”