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why we will never run out of music (arg.), infinite
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May 28, 2021 10:04 PM
  • even though i don't necessarily subscribe to this idea that it's all bits and data. (i see it as a manifestation of thefetish of the human mind to parse and quantities everything-probably due to our trajectory of digitization), i will entertain this idea for the sake of this essay for now, or some part of the essay. - (i also want to talk about how it's not just bits and data,

but rather a soup)

  • that eventually we will have reached a certain set of permutations of bits that would envelope every song…
  • or would we?

we have to remember, music isn't just the bits itself, it's the perception and consciousness, awareness of the entity placing attention on the music.

  • our current experience of music is VERY low resolution. that is to say; that if we advance as a conscious species, our consciousness will become even more precise and higher resolution. and THUS we will be able to experience, pick up on and enjoy the smaller and smaller details- such that they BECOME the new level of what differentiates music. that is to say, our awareness of the higher complexities of a higher resolution experience of music (and said bits) will become even more sliced and precise. and what we used to perceive as differences may become one layer, and a new layer will be slowly introduced to us. we will, in a sense, ZOOM IN to the finer details of audio (and any other art).
  • to the point where what we once called two chord to be the same, may in fact be INCREDIBLY different.
  • and there's no end to zooming in
  • this alludes to infinite. it isn't just the macro sense of finding all permutations of our level of audio understanding. it's also the zooming into the micro, which counterintuitively expands our universe too. talk more about infinite? different kinds, and its implications experientially.
  • it's analogous to the expansion of the universe. i remember watching a joke rogan podcast, i think with eric weinstein, and they were talking about the expansion of the universe. “but expanding into what”.- expansion of the universe may not just be the actual space expanding, but rather SLICING.
  • talk more about how music is a two way street. it's not just the music, but the conscious observer of the music, and how he changes, thus the perception of the music is never the same- i wrote about this in the other essay on the strange case of memory and repetition. ion.
  • on the flip side. better illustrate this point further,’you could reverse this process and zoom out- and thus every song right NOW can sound the same since you're wearing a macro lens. you could ontologically categorize it all as simply “audio”, the category/medium of sound. and thus in this lens it is indeed all the same. - i believe i mentioned this in another essay on zooming out, and how people would all look the same.

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