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The idea of having the potential or having the arms reach to do something is interesting, especially interesting in that its existence may actually prevents you from actually doing the thing, via making you complacent or not actually doing it imply because having that potential is enough for oneself. Living with that potentiality fulfills one vs. actually actualizing it. (may also be because of a strain of fear of failure over it - hereby nullifying the potential you thought was there) - that the idea of it "being over there" is what one is compelled by, (dream like, phantom, existential, machine city ref) vs. the actualization of it here and now—that sort of comes at odds with the hardness of reality (ref). One may prefer that things exist in imagination vs actually actual reality (ref). so one has to come in contact with not failure (though this is probably exists as a sub L-1 or L2 layer), but rather, with success or potential for success. which is counterintuitively embedded in potentiality itself. potentiality being at odds with reality, with actualization. as if potential wishes to exist on its own. or that the death of potential is the death of the cosmos itself.