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our goal is to make the best possible thing
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May 15, 2022 8:12 PM
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Dec 22, 2021 7:22 PM

for us, we seem to have a very different approach from traditional manufacturers. I guess you would say we’re not in it to make a headphone necessarily. traditional headphone manufactures seemingly are in the market to make a headphone and therefore trying to make a good headphone and by that i mean they're trying to make a product that you find compelling enough to purchase and they're trying to make a profit on it. right? i think that that’s no secret to most people. however, we’re not really following that approach per se. we’re trying to make a product that is exceptionally compelling and pretty much as good as it can be, and what we happen to be settled on happens to be a headphone. but it’s not really the headphone thats important. it’s more like the total cumulative experience that we find important. it’s about making a product that is exceptional. not just a good headphone. but a product that when you receive it as a consumer, it performs better than anything else. we’re not doing market research to figure out whats the most profitable means to make a headphone or something like that -- what were could do to maximize returns that is -- i think anyone in the know -- very obviously not what we’re doing. it’s a very boutique approach. we try to find an approach that manufactures a product that people find to be exceptional. its not about making a headphone thats profitable or making a headphone that fills a gap in the market. and i think this is more profound than people recognize

eric skubinski, abyss headphones.