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from unknown to known, bestowed capacity
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Jan 2, 2022 1:37 AM

//strange how we are born with nothing but have the capacity to build and wake up. born asleep, given ability wake up - applies to not just nature of consciousness, but also society in terms of building things. we are both into an unknown, yet given capacity to transform it into the known...and that is so beautiful. a raise of energy levels of electrons. we cant fly but are espoused with the capacity to build planes to fly. we cant breathe in space but have a mind that ca build a suit to allow us to live in space. so the mind is embedded with potentialities that usurp existing reality.

but existence also gave me the ability. examine my experience and my life so it is strange how we are born with the capacity for all these illusions, born under an illusion but also given the capacity to wake up from the illusion. so maybe not so deceptive or malice, but rather play like, a puzzle to solve or a rubiks cube to fix. analogous to humans putting hamsters in a cage with a wheel. so indifferent humor at our unintelligent nature. but we are not intelligence since we are given the capacity to awake from it. but it does t feel like a test? it feels very matrix like.

we are born into being not knowing anything. it is true pain and confusion that we have been able to build things.

(did i write about this somewhere else already? remember that convo with someone in berklee)