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common denominators
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the strangeness of repetition: part 2 common denominators

Imagine a world in which every conscious being was of a different origin, with different anatomies and languages. It would be impossible to build a society with such variety. How would we ever interact?

Thus existence thrives on having common denominators set in place, and specifically repetition with nuance, sameness and difference. it is actually through sameness can we really differentiate. Thus to function as a society we find the common denominators between us.

It could be argued that I am nothing but a copy of all other human beings with the added fractional variant. And not just humans but all creatures. I notice this from time to time as I gaze into people. We all have two eyes. We truly are all repeats of each other, with slight degrees of nuance. I am a repeat of you. A humbling realization.

As a human I seek new experiences, while also find solace in uniformity across time, that’s why its healthy to develop routines  that are the same over time (common deminator) over time, its why its healthy for people to form social circles that stay constant over time (such as church, book club etc). having one foot in chaos and the other in order Life appears to work in the balance between these two. Repeated emergent properties in nature, yet degrees of nuance and variation that give life a zest. identities and relationships emerge through uniformity in time. thats how one makes friends in school and in a regular bar.

this is true for bands too. Repetition is so prevalent that we often overlook how much of it is there. The fact that a band, for the most part, has the same instrumentation is itself a repetition, the fact that there is a guitar in each song is itself a form of repetition, the fact that an album has the same singer throughout, is a form of repetition.

And notice how all of these repeated elements are also part of the core identity of an artist. A band name is repeated on the music across time. A particular guitar tone repeats across songs to render "the artists unique sound". Everything that repeats creates identity.

meshuggah is the repetitious refinement and iteration of one sound.

It is repeating emergent properties in consciousness and memory of those repeats that create identity. Identity cannot be built with one flash. Identity is repeated sameness across time. I differentiate a person from another person based on repeated patterns of their existence. My best friend has a specific name, a specific look, specific behavior, specific personalities – all repeating patterns of their being that appear in and out of my consciousness. The summation of this is how I create a recognizable pattern, and thus identity within my friend. they are both the same across time, but also on-off phenomena in my consciousness.