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strangeness of repetition part 3: can music/art exist without consciousness? the illusion of subjective continuity
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Jan 2, 2022 2:04 AM

If a song cannot exist without memory. it appears memory renders meaning to repetition, and thus the very existence of music, or at least our normative subjective experience of music.


Subjective continuity requires memory.

Without memory, there is no past and future. and I think music exists because I fall into an illusion of subjective continuity. but if we had no memory of the previous second, the audio we hear would sound like.a confabulated mess. Intervals and their functions only exist insofar as there were notes before and after the interval to render its existence and function.

I can be more provocative and have a thought experiment where I have a greater degree of short-term memory loss that resets after every note I hear. Call it extreme short-term loss. Let's say if I'm listening to a 5-note motif. If my memory resets after hearing one note I would not be able to comprehend the totality of the motif, for the existence of the entire phrase of the motif depends on the relative nature of each note. The contour of the melody line is only digested by the mind insofar as its able to create a a sense of interlink between each note of the motif. So the person with a 1-note granular memory will only hear each note on a separate basis.

that is to say, a song cant really exist without memory

and because memory is a direct property of consciosness

music cannot exist without consciousness...., there is no past and future, and we think music exists because we fall into the illusion of subjective contuinity. but if we had no memory of the previous second, the audio we hear would sound like.a confabulated mess. intervals and their function only exist insofar as there were notes before and afetr the nterval to render its existence and function.

i just had a thought...so without memory the song wouldnt sound like the way it does...but somthing about the song does exist. the code. lets look at it in reverse...retrocaualy....what if the code exists, and then its our consciousness and memory that RENDERS AND INTERPRETS this code into a flourish of music..wow. like im imaging having no memory, each note sounds like it is for the first time - and so i cannot actually imagine what that would be like,. it would be like me tryingto imagine what the 4th dimension would experientally feel like - impossible for a 3d being. so it would sound like a foreign alien thing to me, this music, without memory. as such the "song" may exist as some sort of fractal, or some sort of code that puncuates in the present moment, and then it is our consciousness that floursihes it into subjective continuity. a code that punctuates in and out. like morse code perhaps. this relates to the user interface theory of reality by don hoffman

like the first code is n, and the 2nd is n+1 or something, and then the mind experiences n and then n+1, and the n+1 is a reference of the n so the mind is able to build subjective continuity with it. a self referential code that builds from itself, and consciousness creates the string and stream of experiences based on this center puncture of code.