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everything is a delay
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

and relates to differal of creation -. ben shapiro

cause and effect in a sense.

think about what a delay does.

big bang (if you believe in the current norm belief of it), created other elements, in a sense, the source material has been reprocessed and based on initial capture/signal.

so everything, EQ, flanger, etc. is all delay. delay can be realtime too. me moving the door is a delay. and you can see this as a direct delay, or even as a circuitous delay based on the totality of being - of how the door emerged, how i emerged, and how me, as a delay, is affecting another delay, the door.

put this in frameworks?

from strangeness of repetition essay:

This also suggests that thus everything is delay (ref: everything is delay) because if the existence r comprehension of a melody line is dependent on each note and the relationship of that note t its previous note and its relative nature, tht means that you could frame it as that note depends on the previous note, and that note depends on the previous previous note, and so on, which is delay. OR you could frame it as each note being discrete, and coming in and out of consciousness….and it is our memory that builds the “illusion” of a total phrase..fading in and out, like treadmill theory of reality. No such thing as continuity...subjective continuity being a persistent illusion. (is this a separate essay? “does a motif exist?”.)e eeven the small motif itself requires memory