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everything you are exposed to changes your life
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

Everything you are exposed to changes your life.

Imagine if i watched tis video:

And todl john it changed my life. Lol.

I mean it sort of does.

I guess its the degree with which things change your life. Everything you see is speaking to you. You are born and dying every second. —>illusion of subjective continuity. reincarnating every second. enlightenment is the escape from this apparently. and reality can be seen as truely terrifyingly opposite of what we normally think..maladaptive to evolution...things only existing by contrast...treadmill theory of reality...things fading in and out of existence, nit actually any past or future but fading in and out...solipsism...no free will...thus truth and what is actually reality being maladaptive to evolution... simulation...how we are one...it always comes down to fear of consciousness is the beginning of wisdom, and light. and remember the essay alluding to my dad, that me loving my dad and my dad loving me, and us agreeing and sharing life-how it is the INTENTION and FEELING and LOVE of life and the intention of living sincerely and of having th intention of subjective continuity...THAT SUPERSEDES REALITY, or the strange theories of it.