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things being references of things instead of being things themselves.
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Jan 2, 2022 2:12 AM

existential things and actions being references "as ifs" "phantoms" "allusion" of things instead of being things themselves. things are not things but debates of what those things out to be.

things being references of things instead of being things themselves.

as i watch virgil donates red air on youtube...the bass solo at 3:15

i interpret what he's doing as like a reference or a quote of the idea of that line, instead of it being that line itself. in a sense that "here it is, angled in this context". it's more like a phantom of the thing instead of the thing itself. really cool. like it's an allusion to something else.

i wonder if you can apply this to other things in being.

and if this is links to that other essay about people saying they WOULD do something, as a token of respect, instead of actually doing it. like they are displaying respect and how they would do it.

like is that a guitar stand- or a reference of what a guitar stand is like? like a reference or allusion to the concept or substrate or idea of what a guitar stand is-damn.

things are not things but debates of what those things out to be.

and this debate can not only originate from the author's intention , but from the thing itself. it can be self referential.

like the guitar stand can communicate itself. just by existence it is debating how things out to be. it's existence is the debate.

that is to say, everything is an idea. there only truly ever exists ideas, and the physical world is just the user interface for it.- don hoffman?

tie this in with music too. i always have seen music as a philosophy and a debate- how music ought to be? that may be bit too harsh:argumentative:judge mental. perhaps a more poetic approach would be to say how it COULD be, not how it SHOULD be. that my intention as a composer is to show people how music/world could be. a way of looking at the world.

the guitar stand is communicating how the substrate/underlying of "guitar stand" could be..wow.

when you replace the word should with could...it's as if it's a search now...truth seeking...

"this is how it could be".

this is how a guitar stand could be..

mystery. uncertainty.

a proposition. a debate. a stage. a platform. a voice. debates of consciousness. that's what the world is.

the iphone isn't just an iphone..it's an existential proposition to how the substrate idea of "phone" should be.

embedded values. trajectories. intentions.

reality in some sense is a proposition to voidness. but voidness is not nothing. it is brimming with the substrate ideas..again referencing don hoffman.

so underlying everything is a debate of ideas. or proposals of ideas trying to claw deeper into reality.

relate to your trajectory essay? things are not things but trajectories? etc.

this was a slight tangent (or extension) of what i was trying to get at with that bass solo...

  1. exploring a "cliche" motif in a new light..deepening its nature. i love it when that happens. seeing what was originally a pedestrian motif or chord progressions but executing it in a way such that you have the impression "oh i never saw it that way before!" a different way of seeing the world.
  2. a reference to the substrate, not the thing itself. it's a phantom of the bass motif itself. more so device of some sorts. struggling with words here.

so what if everything is a phantom. as if there were no base reality in which everything was solid. this links with emptiness. like in donkey kong 64--the archectiture and the exploratory world was empty, given that donkey was able to submerge himself into an underworld as a glitch in the game.

so cool--there only ever is phantoms of things, not things themselves.

phantom realities run deep. everything we do is surrounded by phantoms of communication- the way we walk, mannerisms, etc

like this razor cut i got on my thumb. it feels like an archtype/reference of a cut, as if it were a function or an algorithm to display the pain of a cut, than bing a cut itself. as if a function or code were injected in my consciousness, within the locality of the cut, rather than the cut itself.