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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

everything really is a risk..everything is catch 22

like posting that first rick toone existential riff on IG.

i could have waited till i launch my site, but that would've delayed by 2-3 weeks, and that wouldn't be cool to rick toone.

but i couldn't then take advantage of it by asking people to subscribe in the instagram video caption.

and so many other scenarios here. i could have posted a less "virtuosic" post that may have yielded less engagement, but then i'd feel bad about engagement; and also momentum leading up to website launch etc.

like subscription cost - 5$ seems to be a good sweetspot, but i could have gotten $10, but risk having less members, or make it $1, but then come acorss as content being too cheap.

same with annual vs yearly. i want to charge $60/year to match $5/month but annuals typically have a discount, but i'd earn less.

the thing is—the catch-22 phenomena applies to everything, if you frame it in such a way. because everything i just described is all still net positive. it isn't so much about the net positivity of things, it is about maximal flourishing. i want to make decisions now that yield to the max flourishment of my consciousness. as such, everything becomes an assessment of how to do this. and therein lies opportunity costs to all things. i seek to reduce this as much as possible - this may be a seperate essay from catch 22. but the point is that in every option one has in life, there is an element of losing - and thats the point.