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the fallacy of "it will never happen to me"
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

or: the fallacy of "it will never happen to me"

as i read all these houston shootings, there's a common theme amongst all humans that "oh that will never happen to me. it's so far away" "this shot happens to other people" but not to me.

i wonder if this a fallacy or not

because there is something about mind-reality interlink.

i need to be on my guard.

and this applies to everything, like cancer. i embody the feeling that i will never get cancer- and i probably won't.

and it isn't obvous to me that it is a bad thing to embody this motion. for to live in perpetual fear is not optimal. i should live and act in the world as if i am healthy (relates to mind builds reality essay), yet i need not identify with that fact, for anything can happen.

is this related to

like the signature of things being "over there and not here" is still happening here.