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there is no crowd. emergent hierarchies, instiutions
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

funny how teaching independently would feel more awkward than teaching at vivaldi - an established institutions this hierarchical energy to it. phantom reality…

related to many things. community. culture. country flags etc.

we extract out the values through this common hierarchy- higher emergent order of being out of the collective.

collective consciousness.


greater than the sum of the individual parts..or different. is it independent tho?? could this higher order magnitude exist without the individual minds. could the aura exist without the people-

I used to think that there was some overarching rulebook of life, probably cause of being institutionalized my whole life.

But there isn’t, nobody truly knows what’s going on. And there are self emergence phenomena that keep rolling on.

perhaps that's why religion exists- but it may be an artificial insemination designed to control people and create groupthink, than from genuine inspiration. or both.

this may be a seperate essay-

when we face a crowd we perceive it as a massive energy- a large dose of attention on you.

but really (or at least this is one mode/way of looking at it) reality is just a bunch of solipsistic people/minds looking at you. it is always just individuals, not some hierarchical thing.

this concept applies with community too. like baseball for example.

as a local community grows, there's this emergent hierarchy of what baseball is. and it's as if each person were a node of this underlying or overarching structure.

or perhaps it's retrocasual- this supposed emergent hierarchy always existed, and it, like a magnet, attracted these people to it for it to reveal itself in a way. like in the devs tv show.

as such i can use this node (philosophy as a tool) for when i get anxiety of having so many members on this platform. all i need to do is remember the solipsistic condition. that there is no crowd. simply individuals with individual experiences experiencing this site. no phantom collective ghost judging at me.

that there is no crowd- that the word people was designed to make us feel small, inferior, weaker. next to the larger hierarchy and entity of "people".

a weakening of individuality. a suppression of it. a suppression of its magnitude and worth. a suppression of its fortitude.