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bypassing competition
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

(did i write about this elsewhere)

the idea of my trademark.

how its one of those things where because everybody probaby thought it was unavalaible, it actually was avaliable.

^^this is stronges point.

there is a counter intuitive frame of mind where you SHOULD do the thing that is rare and sought after and hard to achieve, BECAUSE most people will fail at it. becaus it is so hard. therefore you should do it and see it to the end.

if you cme across a statistic thats like 99% of eople fqil, that creates a slf fulfilfifing prophecy, and everybody comes across this number, thats sort of the poojnt, the point bein that EVERYBDY is faced itht hat statistic. and as such one shold do it. i dont think im explaining this very well.

the important point to drive home is that everybody is faced with the same statistic. and that

its not about persistence (i mean its important), its about the fact that if most people fail, that actually has no relevance at all to if one should do something, or it has the oppiste relevance.

because the odds are stacked against everyone act accordingly