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its good to come back full circle
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

designing th website. had an initial design set up, then decided to update the design, again and again, and again, trying to find the right one that will work for now.

only to arrive back at the initial design, organically. to arrive back more wise, mre knolwedgable, more aware.

i wrote about this elswhere - the budda seeing the mountain as mountain, then not seeing mountain and mountain, only to reach enlightenment and see mountain as mountain.

its like that buddhist allegroy - he sees a mountain, then goes through the ardous process f enlightenement, with all its harrowing nature, and confuson, chaos, dread, not seeing the mountain, existential insanity, only to come back and see mountain again - this time as an enlightened man. — also link this to that mark pritchard sad alron creature that has a subtle smile on his face as he flies across and between the grids of harrow and beauty. - ref to there can be no beauty without terror.

the free will essays.

the mark pritchard creature