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user interface theory of reality, reality is code
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Nov 27, 2021 9:04 PM

- wow reality is code, and our experiment is the user interface.

-In some sense, objets in the universe are code that are continually optimize, to attracting and repelling my consciousness. The short and medium fountain repelled me. The tall fountain attracted me. and like magnets, different objects can affect the magnetism of other surrounding objects. If the tall fountain did not exist, and if I was only left with short and medium, then the medium would cease to repel me, and instead attract me.

reality is a series of magnets in which your attention rides up and down, side to side, forward and back. the future is an attractor, the past is a repeller. (replace all verbage of magent with code - more foundational than magnets).

let your attention ride the wave of a magnetic universe

the world ilive in can be framed as a series of magnets that attract and repel me through different coordinates. i am simply a ball in the pinball machine.

don hoffmans user interface of reality,

but i can turn this around - that actually consciousness supersedes this because


(did i already start this essay?)

another essay?

it couldf be argured that our fetishism and obsession with software, tech, code and computers is making me think about rerality in this way, that whatever is codeable and user interfaceable seems very techy and to see reality in this way is sort of obvious. iek of course one would think THIS way...

that may be true - but it is also warranted, because of


if we are god becoming, then it makes sense to think that maybe it all is tech and code....

but it remains to be seen where we wil go from here. a part of me thinks that as we get more and more tech oriented, that tech will also merge with reality so much that it will disappear. all this talk of code and user interface will go away.

but it is so fark and existential to imagine life as code...as if there were a deeper substructure to reality that goes unnoticed...deeper realities.

it is also somewhat cool and dark and existential to see reality as code, people as automatic vessels of consciousness...

Like an algorithm, the code of logic tessellates objects to one another, finding the most efficient and logical means by which to conduct an operation.My consciousness is the end-result user interface of such code.

like sex is the user interface for gene DNA code propagation.

everything is code. what is see in everydsybordestrian consciousness is user interface. doesn't mean consciousness doesn't supersede reality. the consciousness of code is what is the deeper realm than the typical user interface of reality. like as i see my desk chair. if i pay attention, truly, i don't see a chair—i see the code of comfort and postural ergonomics to prolong longeitivity and adaptation to the human body in order to provide well-being- for conscious to flourish. this the chair is an object for consciousness expansion and flourishment- that is the code of reality.