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everything is the past_ visualization, retrocausal, cause and effect
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

i am currently in the past of an alternate universe, i am walking into an alternete universe that has already happened.

in a sense.c the universe consists of “slices”, infinite dense of 2-d slices of present moment realities.

when you visualize. you are stepping into a reality that has already happened. you're looking into the past.

universe is retro causal. there is no future. everything has already happened. we are going backwards. god becoming. magnet. the future in some sense is led by an attractor.

all thoughts are from the past (i.e audio, and visuals of things that have already happened) (things that have happened in an alternate present moment)

as such, cause does not always come before effect. me being driven by a vision i can see into the future affects my actions now. it "attracts me" and thus pulls me. instead of being pushed by causes that lead to the effect ( guess maybe its a matter of framing cause this can be true as well) instead i am pulled into by the vision/effect, which in turn has "retrocaused" the event, all the causes were caused by the effect...

also, it isnt obvious to me that the linear framing of reality of past-present-future is actually true. me visualizing my end goal is an affirmaton that is already exists now, and when i do actualize the vision, it would have ahppened now. just in a "different now" (ref essay on how each moment int he uvierse is a frame of nows and that we are living in the past of an alternative reality - time is not what we think it is.) so the effect and the cause all happen in the now in some sense, and also ref edsday on on/off and treadmill theory of reality how things may not actually be lijnear motion but rather things fading in and out of consciousness.

like me visualizing something is to say that it already happened, the definiton of future as being "something that is going to happen" actually doesnt make sense, it actually doesnt. and theres this idea that what uout hink right now - your nervous system or mind/body think it is actualy hyapenning now, like what is the real difference? how do you define what is reality between thought and physical object? if all is empty phenokmena, or if all happenes in consciousness, it isnt obvious to me that it is fair to class one object of consciousness as something in the future and something happening n0w. me visualizing something iis to bring it up into my consciousness, thus is it not "happening" now? what is the defintionof hapnening? at least to me?

so goign back to cause and 3effect and the futue....you cant say visualizations are still of the future, or that the actualized will happen in the future. it seems more like a gravitating towards, a becoming of something. from non-fade to fade.

its that the future is like a prediction, rather than an actual thing.

refutng free will:

"The ball rolls because it was pushed. "

ah but theres a deeper underlyng structure\... embedded in the bvery existence of the ball is the capacity to roll around, so even before the ball was poushed, the conceptual framework of "rolling" is already mebdded. and it is because of this already existing proerty of being able to be pushed and rooled around does then allow for the ball to be pushed in the first plasce. so in some sense the effect caused the cause, or allowed for the cause to manifesrt. the inherint a prior structure of the ball is what gives emergence to the surrpoiunding potentiality of causes that can effect it.

thus the very existence of an object is embedded with all possible causes that can effect it.

the ball was rolling before it was pushed. because objects asre not just nouns but verbs. "balls" by dfefiniton, just the way its written, its syntax and meaning and definition, is something that rolls. it is a rolling object, there isnt an object + rolling. it literally IS rolling. it is what it does. so in this cause and effect are one and the same.

and where does the ball begin and end? if theres a ball on a pool table, what is the ball and whatnis the pool tbale? can one exist without another. as i sit here right now, i realize that my human body is ALWAYS touching soemthing. there is never a moment in whcih it is not touching naythinbng. which is terrifying, because it shows i am trapped in some sense. or that i am god with limitations, whatever. the point is that there is no real clear discreteness in objects, at least not at the existential primordial level. theres never a moment in which i am free floating, and if i am, it probably means i am dead.so my very existence is dependint upon other obejcts in onsciousness in order to BE. so same with the ball and pool table.

like try to define the word ball - the very existence of it IS that is rolls. the very instrinsic inherint nature o fit.

everything is the past. making this site feels retrocausal. god becoming.

reentering the ocean, dolphin like. air and water. both of them are oceans.