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treadmill theory of consciousness: why motion may be an illusion

what if i reincarnate into your? and you reincarnate into me? i used to think about this a lot, and used to meditate on this idea and m entertain the idea to be wierd. it felt very fucking weird. felt as wierd as asking myself who i am over and over again.

it's a strange feeling. we treat other people as not us- but what if we are literally the same person in different bodies. my soul dying and being reborn across time and living simultaneously in different bodies. it's as if i were going up in cycles of fifths- constantly moving to a new body with each lifetime, and though hitting close to my previous bodies, never actually hitting it, and i come close and go far away from it. when i die i may reincarnate as someone who is reading this. and i would be that person. you may be that person reading this right now. hello me.

in some sense i am playing a game with myself. each being on earth in some sense is like a vessel of and for experience. and before i was born i randomly go into a different body. so i am in some sense in every body. and everybody is everyone else, and everyone is me.

heres a proof that we are one, or at least somthing that cant really be argued against.

we are all born in the same condition: spontaneously, randomly in a time and place, born into a body, born into this reality, and all of us just plopped into here. like literally if i were in your shoes, i would ust be you, with your genes, your molecular makup, your mood, hormones etc.