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football and other domains
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

football/soccer, the deeper underbelly/underlying reality of it, the deeper reality of all endeavors/startup company

sure you could frame football/soccer as nothing but a bunch of rich folks kicking a ball around - as sam harris does and thus argues that its absurd for people/fans to become violent because of it, with its tribal warfare etc.

but the deeper underlying framing of football isnt just about the ball going into the net, its the philosophy behind the teams, the mental gymanstics at play, the interplay of teammates, the team members represent an archtype for their country/group. they represent an ideal. and such it isnt so much a battle of humans playing, it is a battle of gods, of consciousness. a war of ideas and conscious entities.

anf this applies to all sports.

but this extends beyond —into all endeavours. (i wrote about this elsewhere) - inside all activities lies the heros journey, or some spiritual framing that allows for the development and up transfer of energy levels.

like a startup company in hats. like existentiall who needs hats? but what if the startup is filling in a gap in the market. it is that existential nature of filling in the gap that is primordial and sacred. and the existential nature of innovating and iterating on the hat, and thus changing the underlying debate of what hats ought to be. all these things sacred eternal primordial. and thus perhaps self actualization (ref whatever essay that is) is the unification or alignment of ones vision of all those primordial features, AND also the end manifestation. if you love hats so be it. maybe it speaks to you. there is something existential about it (could b that there is sometng existential about everything. new essay?) where the hat alters reality of identity of wearer of hat and also perception from the sun.