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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

george howard: "every year, apple releases the best possible phone they could have made"

is that true?

need to define what you mean by "that they could have made"

they can obviously produce a phone with 10x ram or whatever.

perhaps what george means is

apple, from a holistic perspective, seeing it as a profit maximizing enterprise, could have only released that book this year to maximize profit and thus as well as innovation in the long run. as an entity with multiple moving parts, with shareholders etc and a mission or ethos of trying to make as much money as possible, and that to over time. and thus maximize trajectory.

so maximize innovation depends on iterative approach, not necesssrily to vomit out the best possible phone from a material point of view.

so (with intent) to maximize overall trajectory over existence is to release a phone each year that will do that - and thus THAT is the best possible phone they could have released, within that framework, not necessarily the best phone they could have released at that specific year.

it counter intuitively could mean that apple needs to release a worse phone or product, to go behind a little,, or not innovate as much that year, to maximize the overall endeavor. this is why they released the colored imacs, cause for sure they must embody the idea that slate aluminum or black and white is more industrial and perfect at the end, it's the most APPLE. to go backwards may be to maximize overallness, perhaps to elongate the companies runtime, or story. it also could be an example of incongruency between perfect design and what sells, at least in the midst of a trend.

(seperate and perfect essay segway) i live in an ideal world (in my mind at least, but this is my real belief) where/that the intersection between final maximal profit or/and final future of perfect beautific vision are one and the same...). in other words, that the maximal flourishment of ones being under all facets is synonymous or congruent to the constant refinement and sculpting into perfect beatific vision and final design. in both endeavor with ones craft, as well with how one lives in the world. and it's my mode of being, my operating system, my software of mind


(how maybe this is how the universe operates to, everything ads up to the end for MAXIMAL well-being and flourish kent expansion exploration depth of consciousness)

this actually relates extremely well with my release schedule with music. at first i wanted to release all these works ASAP and "move on". but i'm sure apple has 10-20-40 years of work planned ahead of them. longetivity is all. should make a composition framework of this. like i wanted to move on from this, graduate from this "phase" and innovate. but counterintuitively, to plan ahead, even to have 10 years of music and essays scheduled, actually allows you to innovate and grow more, as you have time and headspace and freedom to explore. to take mental bandwidth off, and to make things as easy as possible (there is no nobility in constant struggle(make essay on this and relate to the music/work schedule). it also makes you respect each work more, for i don't like seeing and don't see these current works as "works of the past", it cheapens it. i've so far seen each work as who i am right NOW, timeless, as works that represent me today.

isn't there therefore an element of fooling the public? the public things they are getting the best latest innovation each year, but once you understand the undercurrent, that's not then case at all. apple seeks trajectory first, products 2nd (as a byproduct). it's not to cheapen the product, like it's not to say that the perspective is to view the product as unimportant etc. it is VASTLY important, incredibly important. it's just that there will always be one thing that supersedes all of reality, or objects of reality, and that is trajectory.

link to essay on retrocausality.

the idea that the reason why iphone was so successful is because it was more existentially sound. more cpngruent and reflective of purer reality. (thats how i feel about the website), an element of its obviousness. so obvious. like of course this is the future! ←—and that statement is funny, as if it implies something about it that suggests some priomordial timeless thng that always existed. almost feels as if it had always existed, so moving to the past. if it will exist, then it already has existed.