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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

is probably one of the most important aspects of living.

to look again and again to make sure that nobody is behind me when i'm backing out. to espouse this, and to thus make the affirmation that all beings should espouse this.

would make the cosmos safer.

link with essay on software of mind. and how each action is a philosophy of ought- how beings out to be. think it's things are not things but debates. so are actions. people are walking philosophies.

redundancy, though annoying, is important in all fields. in security. in website uptime (redudancy servers, though more costly, is necessary).

so there is padding required in things. to be too close to the edge, to only ever have a 1-1 thing seems plausible theoretically, but even in a fully automatic system it seems ie redundancy may be important in the hypothetical of just in case. i suppose in a perfect system redundancy would just be a waste of efficiency. so the tradeoff lies between redundancy vs. efficiency.

and i think this is related to the pareto principal, or to the idea of if you go 90% of one's vision, it is better than going 100%, because 100% will yield diminishing returns in ones vision (rather counterintuitive). one must have a certain impurity ("sell-out") in order to maximize one's propagation. e.g. i could shut myself off and move to the Himalayas (endgame) now, and just make music and release it quietly for those interested to hear it, that is 100% purity (or close to it), but it would lead to diminishing returns of my aggregate goal of propagation of my vision with DARK. i need to do the other 10% in order to maximize my propgatuion. it isn't even necessarily 90/10, its 80/20, etc.

as such it seems like there is a constant distillation or refinement process of trying to find the intersection between what is most pure and what sells the most. and i have a utopic vision where what is most pure is what will sell the most