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anonymous consciousness
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

The idea that I can never zoom in to who you really are, I can never truly know your placement and position in the universe, never truly know your identity.

And nobody can truly know who “I” really am. That is to say, you can’t ever zoom in to me. This is assuming I identity with “I”.

anonymity is like a mirror. when i see two anonymous people interact online, they are speaking inside a vacuum. there is no context, no identity; other than themselves. they are really speaking with their inner psyche, and negotiating and interacting with themselves and their self projections, and self projected archtypes.

the "i" "i", i "i"", "i" i. i see myself as that, and nobody knows that, because everyone sees them as that.

i the roopam garg vs. i the i.

same i..

the window of i i.

the idea that nobody knows that you are YOU. and that my brother has a certain xyz coordinate thats "there" (pointing to it) but that i can never know, that i can map on his xyz coordinate. and my other brother has his own xyz coordinate.

seperate, but ref: all beings out to be anonymous. all artists at least. death of icons