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is there something there in the infinite blackness?
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

when i stare at this image....


is there something there...? hidden? in that deep black. in that deep space of black. like in rush 2.... when you go out of the grid...

i get such existential feelings...

its the idea that in all this infinite space...in all this blackness...you will eventually come across this...(the image above^^)...and what is this? what does it mean? where did it come from? where does it go? where does it lead to? where does it point to?

if you keep clawing...kep diving in this infintie space...its scary because you have to raverse fr...and feels like a trap. the blackness swalling you up. but if you keep going..to go into the black. you will find hidden alone secrets.

thats how i feel about our existence..of earth. that in the super googleplex size of the universe..there is this...and it thus puts EVERYTHING, ALL THINGS, ALL SILLYNESS AND THINGS, in this context of mystery and revelation.

that there is something to be found in the black. even in this image. there is something there behind within inside beyond in the blackness...

something hidden in those infinite blacks

a sense of intimacy and closed space, yet so open.